Food & Hammocking

Welcome back to my Norwegian experience! It has been a beautiful two weeks here in Oslo and on one of the few bleak rainy days (today) I am here sharing a few highlights.

I have always enjoyed entertaining and with Oslo being one of the most expensive places in the world to eat out, making homemade food for friends is much cheaper. Thus far I have held waffle, smoothie, and tropical dessert parties for everyone. I have also made quiches, mango cheesecake, and banana nut bread to share. A few pictures can be seen below of my culinary adventures in Oslo:

Smoothie Night with Jordan (center) and Genissis (right)


Jordan’s Birthday Party


The supplies for creating the 9-layer pina colada parfait for tropical night


In addition to enjoying good food & friends, I have started all my classes and am getting used to the education format here. It tends to be more project-based with a large amount of weight placed on the final (>80% typically). Once I have a few projects to talk about, I will be sure to write a blog post on them, since two of the courses I am taking are internationally recognized for their academic learning outcomes. When I am not in the classroom I have found time to enjoy hammocking while the weather was still warm and sunny in Oslo.

Matching hammocks after a hike to Vettakollen overlooking the city


Went back to Ekebergparken (from my first blog post), but this time explored and found a spot overlooking the bay


That should just about wrap it up for this week’s blog post. Stay tuned, Oktoberfest Oslo is happening this weekend and I am sure there will be lots of great pictures from it. I think there might be homemade Bavarian pretzels in my future. Until then, stay safe and keep on adventuring.