United INKdom Pt.2

This week in United INKdom, we travel north to Scotland!

Scotland is home to beautiful sights and a thriving culture. One of most striking places in Scotland is Edinburgh, the capital.

scotts pic

Pictured here is the Scott Monument (a tribute to Sir Walter Scott), with Edinburgh castle in the background.


Edinburgh is a city in touch with its past- from historical sights to a strong cultural heritage, Scottish history lives on in Edinburgh. From many parts of the city you can hear bagpipe melodies floating on the wind, and the ancient architecture fills the streets.


South of the capital, in the Scottish Borders, lies one of Scotland’s most beautiful (and historical) religious sites. Melrose Abbey is now partially ruined, but historical tours take visitors back to the days when it was an operational abbey.

melrose pic

While walking through the ruins, a guided tour brings interested visitors through the lives of the Cistertian monks who founded the abbey, and highlights important parts such as a bagpipe-playing pig and the (alleged) buried heart of Robert the Bruce.


Scotland’s focus on its past is a beautiful reminder to look back and cherish your own history.

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The Clifton Hill House in Bristol



The first instalment of ‘United Inkdom’ – now that I’m settled in at UNI over here in Bristol, UK, I’m excited to begin sharing the sights and experiences each week. This is my ‘dorm’ – the Clifton Hill House, a manor house older than the United States of America.


A few things about Bristol I’ve learned so far:

  1. It is always raining, and even when it’s not, it’s still kinda raining.
  2. The locals (human and animal) are quite friendly.


3. They are pretty serious about their graffiti.


4. Every other building is an ancient church.

5. Humble brag: there’s some family history


And do NOT forget the difference between ‘pants’ and ‘trousers’…

Until next week,


-Gwyer Sinclair