Making My Way in München


I was lucky enough to attend a study abroad trip to Munich, Germany. As this course is centered around nursing students, I was very nervous considering I was a pre-health Biology major. However, I came to find this gave me a new perspective when comparing the health care between the U.S. and Germany while their medical training gave me a new perspective as well.

I have traveled a lot before, but I have not traveled on an international scale. I was very nervous, but my previous German language skills and family background gave me an advantage in reading signs and directions. This made the transit systems much more user friendly and it came to be very convenient.

I got to experience real German regularities when it came to social events and food. I really got to understand how another productive society functions. There are unsaid norms in German that I had to know stemming from these experiences. For example, speak in a low voice on public transportation and NEVER walk in the bike lanes. In both cases, you are socially unacceptable.

Thanks to my family living only and hour from Munich, I was able to see my cultural background and let me realize how well my family has made it an essential part of my life. It is so beautiful here; I may have found a new residence. 9C474C6B-A9BA-4CFC-9A1E-E1F86858D4A3.jpg