A summer in India

My name is Anvi Dalal and I traveled to India for a two month research abroad internship in Mumbai. Initially, I took some time to get used to the big city life but now I am finding it hard to leave this amazing city! Over the past few weeks I have learnt a lot culturally and educationally. For my internship I worked alongside PhD students in Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, conducting research on possible configurations of a Ni-Pt system that would lead to a more effective and cost efficient catalyst than the traditional platinum catalyst. The Institute is situated in a tranquil area of Mumbai over acres of green land. Furthermore, it is monsoon in India right now and it rains almost all day, making the environment absolutely beautiful.

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I recently had an exciting experience in Mumbai’s famous BEST bus that connects the entire city. It is usually so crowded that people inside barely have room to stand but luckily I was not travelling during peak hours! It is one of the most commonly used mode of transport in Mumbai that served as an amazing city tour bus for me. I also tried a traditional Indian thali meal which is an exotica food plate with an unlimited supply of over 12 food options . It is the kind of meal royals in India traditionally ate and is now available at certain restaurants around the city. It is a pleasure to the human palate and the flavors on that plate left me speechless. I also made a day excursion to a village a few hours from Mumbai to learn about rural life in India. I came across small houses, empty roads, beaches and lush green patches through the drive. The roads were so empty that I was able to sit in the middle of a lane and take a picture!

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I would like to thank the Honors SAGA program for giving me this opportunity! My experience in India has been unforgettable, educational and absolutely amazing and I will cherish every moment I spent in Mumbai!



New experiences!

I traveled to Mumbai, India for a research abroad internship earlier this summer. It is a two month internship at a renowned chemical engineering university (The Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay) in the field of research on nickel-platinum alloys for the purpose of cost-efficient catalysts. I left the United States knowing the adjustment I would have to make for this experience would be hard and although I was a little nervous at first, I can confidently say that this chance is worth all the worries I felt.

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The start of an unbelievable experience!

I am absolutely enjoying my time in India! I have traveled to India before to meet family here, but I never really got the chance to explore and understand the rich culture that resides in this country. Mumbai is a metropolitan city situated on the beach which just makes it better! Two days after I arrived in India, I decided to walk to a beach close by and what I saw on the way was beyond amazing. On a Sunday morning I came across a laughter club being held to motivate the participants for a fun-filled week to come and enlighten their day-off.

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I caught a laugh too at this laughing club!

Further on, once on the beach I saw stalls of food, called Indian chaats, vendors selling toys for kids and people of all kinds. Some walking, some playing cricket or soccer (both extremely loved sports in India) while others just staring in awe at the beautiful rising sun. And there in the middle of all chatter from vendors and food stalls, I found the beauty of this big city. On one side of me was the endless sea roaring with every wave while on the other was the  famous Mumbai skyline and amid it I stood in a city that seemed so warm and welcoming, all my nervousness seemed to disappear.

After being in India for a few weeks I have gotten used to a few things and have rather begun enjoying them. It is about 90 degrees here during the day so I am getting acclimatized to being in the heat more often but I quite like it cause it gives me an excuse to eat ice creams and drink smoothies a lot more! The traffic in Mumbai is ridiculous to a point that it takes about an hour to travel 5 miles (that too aside of peak office hours) but thanks to this traffic, I have completed watching several seasons of an amazing TV series!

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The traffic situation I often encounter!

Not only am I living the ‘big city’ life, but I am enjoying every bit of it! I am getting to know new people, learning a lot in my field of educational interest and eating a lot of delicious Indian food. Furthermore, I am travelling and exploring more than I have before in a city that is beautifully unfolding itself to me. I am glad I have a few more weeks in this astounding and marvelous city and I am very excited to see what these weeks have in store for me!

Namaste from India!