So Long, Seoul, But I’ll Be Back!

It’s been about a day and a half since I’ve returned from my seven week adventure in Seoul, South Korea. In the 28 hour journey it took to return to the states plus the time it’s been since coming back, I’ve had a some time to reflect on being in Seoul and my feelings overall from the entire experience.

As I think all of my previous posts conveyed, I truly enjoyed myself while in South Korea. Of course, there were a couple days amongst my time that were more challenging and disappointing, but all of the pros that came with this wonderful trip outweighed those.

The most important aspect of this study abroad for me was having the ability to speak in Korean everyday and to deepen my understanding. I am so lucky to have been able to accomplish this task. I’m certainly not fluent in Korean, but I understand so much more  in comparison to when I arrived and have gotten that much closer to being able to comfortably go out on my own without any communication problems with natives.

With that being said, I look back on my experience in Seoul, South Korea with highly positive feelings. As a 13 year old, this is something that I never would’ve thought I could accomplish, it always felt like something completely out of the realm of possibility for me, but here I am with fond memories that will never leave me of a city that I never wanted to leave. I’m very thankful to have been rewarded this experience as it only pushes me and my determination to return one day for good. 🙂

I’ll leave my final post with a couple of my favorite pictures from the trip. And while my experience abroad has ended for now, the feeling of happiness sure hasn’t! Signing off!



*Taken atop the mountain of Ihwa Mural Village, overlooking central Seoul.


*Taken at Banpo Han River Park. The words at the top of the frame translate to “We will always shine like this.”


*Taken at Namsan Seoul Tower, a tower that looks directly over all of Seoul. It’s situated near the famous Gyeongbokgung Palace, and is known not only for its incredible view of the entire city, but also for being a romantic spot for dates and couples. It features a “lock bridge” where you can buy a lock at the gift store, decorate it, and attach it to the railing that goes around the tower. This tower is also the shooting location of a very popular K-Drama “You Who Came From The Stars” (I’ve seen it – worth the watch!).

Here’s an example of the view at night from the top of the tower!





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